Join the movement – Sircular for change

18 oktober, 2020

Sircular is proud to be part of the global movement for change, 1% For the Planet.

Sircular is always striving to do more, more often and have a wider, long-lasting positive impact.

We feel that taking care of our planet is a lifelong commitment and we have the obligation to raise wider awareness of environmental issues through our network and ecosystem.

That’s why Sircular has partnered with the global movement for change and committed to donate 1% of sales each year.

Joining 1% for the Planet is just one of the ways we can do this.

What if we all gave 1%..?

There are many ways to give back to the planet, and numerous environmental causes you can support. At 1% for the Planet, we’re here to make your giving as impactful as possible.

You may have a range of goals for your involvement, from maximizing employee engagement to showing your customers how committed you are to your values.

So we’re keeping it simple: what are you passionate about?

Start with the issue you want to explore further, and we’ll help you transform that interest into actionable giving goals.

To visit their website click on the link below: